This file lists the changes to the NASS GES FTP site ...


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Issue found with the GES10 flat file were discovered and addressed.  Updated files for PERSON, PARKED, VEHICLE, and ACCIDENT were posted.  Issue regarded the stamping of descriptions for attributes instead of the actual code for most of the fields.  Descriptions were removed and codes added.


Due to an error detected in coding the data element “Vehicle Trailing”, we have temporarily deleted the data element from the 2010 NASS GES SAS file and flat file.  Once corrected, we will update the 2010 data file.


Reposted the 2009 ACCIDENT dataset for both the PCSAS and Flat files.


Posted the 2009 GES data files. Users are requested to read the "2009 FARS/GES Standardization" document for further information regarding the 2009 file.


Replaced/Reposted the 2008 Person dataset for the regular SAS file and the flat file, and the format file. The file was updated to include the SEAT_H field.


Posted the 2008 GES data files


Posted the 2007 GES data files.