This file lists the changes to the CISS FTP site ...

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Uploaded a list 2016 CISS case vehicles for matching with CDR files.


Uploaded the CISS 2019 CISS SAS and CSV data.  Also uploaded the CISS 2019 CDR files related to those cases.


An issue was noted in a few character fields in the CDC and TIRE CSV files of the 2017 and 2018 files. The presence of a character (“•”) was acting as a delimiter in the CSV files which was pushing succeeding fields to new columns.  The character was removed from the two CSV files. Additional problems were noted with the TIRE CSV file where data was being pushed to new rows.  These were also fixed.  New files reflecting these changes were posted to the FTP site.


Uploaded the CISS 2018 CDR files in a PDF format to the CDR Files\2018 folder.


Uploaded the CISS 2017 CDR files in a PDF format to the CDR Files\2017 folder.


1)  Updated the 2017 CISS SAS and CSV data. Structural changes were made to the file, most specifically to the ICS dataset which had additional fields added. Users are advised to review the updated 2017 CISS Analytical User’s Manual.


2) Uploaded the 2018 CISS SAS, CSV, and CDR data.


Updated the 2017 CISS VINDERIVED files.  Several fields had been incorrectly truncated.


Uploaded the 2017 CISS datasets as well as 2017 CISS CDR files.